Much to our regret, we did not receive sufficient submissions and had to cancel the MUSST workshop at ICEC2012. We will look at other venues for a possibility to organize the workshop, as we believe it is an important topic to research. We will update this website and send out more information if there is […]

We are pleased to announce that the best papers presented at the MUSST workshop will be invited to submit a journal paper in a special issue of Entertainment Computing. All papers will have to be expanded to about 10-20 pages, and include 1/3 of the original content, 1/3 rephrased content, and (at least!) 1/3 new and […]

It has just been confirmed that all workshops at ICEC2012 will take place on Wednesday 26 September. As there is no official conference event in the evening, we will arrange a dinner for all workshop participants.